Sunday, June 21, 2009

Me again

Memorial Day was my last post....I can't beleive how the time has flown by. Been busy with personal stuff and catching up on some swaps. Doing some of the new techniques in the Technique Junkies Newsletter...really love to try as many as I can.

Actually been pretty boring around here. Oh the garden...can't believe how great it is doing!!! We just finished off the radishes, what a difference when you pick them from the garden. Everything else is growing enormous!! I will have to take a picture the leaves on the yellow squash are so big and the tomatoe plants are huge and flowering. We have been fortunate in rain for the garden but pretty miserable on the spirit!!! Just finished a few days! It looks like more today. I think it has rained more than shined here lately!!

Above are some things I've done. The first one is wet stenciling, the second is double bugging, and the third one is just me playing with my markers. Both of the first two cards were made with techinques from Technique Junkie.
Guess that's it for now.
Stamping Hugs,

Fur Babies

Fur Babies