Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Design Team Member

Hi to all my Friends in Stampingland!

Exciting news I have been asked and accepted a DT position with Belinda Landtroop of Belindas Digital Art.
I am excited to start this new adventure. I will be posting my first card on Monday the 1st at The Cottage Studio Please stop by and check out my card using Belinda's Pete the Parrot...leave me a little blog love in the comments section so I'll know you stopped by!!!

This is a new adventure for Belinda too she is starting a new line of Digital Stamps. She already has several in here new shop called Belinda's Digital Stamps so check that out also.. she has some really nice items there.

Thanks again for being here for me I really appreciate you all so much!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Card Challenge Gingersnaps 3 Favorite Colors

Hi All...

This is a card I did for Gingersnap Creations GC 43. The challenge was to use three of your favorite colors. This time of year when I have had it with winter pastels become my favorite of choice. These are my favorite colors pink, green and yellow. I usually only put two of the colors together but this was fun, may start a new trend for me! The flowers are from Sketching Stamper, they are in a group of flowers, this image is called Daisies. It is a digital image. Colored with Copic Markers.

Thanks once again for stopping by you all are such an encouragement to me...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi All

Quick Post and a challenge card. I did this card for the SquiggleFly sketch challenge from Saturday Nights Digi Days. I was heartbroken that I had to miss it but I did get a chance to stop in and say hello and goodnight.

The Challenge SFS 220 was a sketch layout. I usually try to mix it up a little but I had started a card using almost the exact layout so I just continued to add a few pieces and viola I had the sketch card!

Papers are from K&Company Berry Sweet Mat Pad it is textured and feels almost like fabric paper. The image of course is Squigglefly's Shy Bear (one of my favorites...just in case you hadn't noticed. smile

Hope you enjoy it is quite colorful!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi my Blog Buddies

How was your weekend? I missed the Squigglefly Saturday night event and I was so sad...but we went to a Birthday Party for my Pastor's 70th birthday!! The man has more energy than to young men!!! Working for the Lord is what he says keeps him that way. It was a wonderful time. This is twice in a row...don't know how I will ever learn to keep up with the gals there if I can't at least practice!!! I think they are all master typist!!

I have been waiting to post this card as it was for a TJ just one swap and I didn't want my partner seeing it first. It is so light and almost summery and uses my very favorite flower Sweet Pea...the backgrounds are two of TJ's from their latest newsletter and I also did the cracked glass over the image! Will admit this is one of my favorite cards that I have ever made...the image is so delicate and it is by Sketching Stamper. LaVerne Wilson told me about this site and it is a digital stamp.
Remember to leave a comment in the comment section I really love to hear what everyone is or was up too!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New addition to blog

Hi everyone just want you to know that you can now subscribe to my blog by e-mail. I have had several requests for this and between last night until 1:00am and at 6:00 am it is in place. I am totally computer illiterate!! I jsust have to grit my teeth and dive in.

So please sign up so you can get updates. Love having you all around!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little tip

Hi again, Guess what no pictures tonight!! I was just sitting here cleaning up my stamping LOL which is a least a two day project...I'm trying so hard to put things away as I use them like Gina K does on Stamp TV...She's a fantastic lady who really cracks me up. How many of your craft tables look like hers? How many of you actually use a tool and neatly put it up out of the way? Or do you do like me and just drop it and let it fall on the table where it may and how many of you look like her when you are stamping..nair a hair out of place...not a spot of ink on her hands. I just had to go to a Church breakfast with green alcohol ink on my last three digits...look like gangrene...I thought the poor lady across from was going to loose her breakfast until I quickly told her it was just ink!! I would not know how to stamp if I did not at least have a dozen pieces of hair hanging into my right strenghtens my vision!! My clothes ah ha alas I'm usually still in my pj's even if it is three in the afternoon...that little muse is agoin!!!

Gina hopefully you will never read this because I really do admire you and Stamp TV and if I could clone I could just pick up everything after me and lay it neatly where it should be. I'm trying though..I must have kept my table clean for at least a half hour the other I can't even find the surface. But somehow out of that mess usually arises a pretty decent card, background, little book or whatever I'm working no matter how I got there and the ink smudge on the back I'll just cover that with a made by Judy!!!

That's not even the carried away...for any one who uses Copic Markers and can't afford those expensive containers. They fit neatly into an SU medium sized plastic stamp holder. When I went to all unmounted stamps I ended up with a lot of the plastic containers. They hold about 18 markers and I have them separated by pastels, medium shades, reds and oranges and greens and browns. I have four containers at the moment and I bought one of those cheap totes (you know the ones with two sides and a handle in the middle) it can hold 3 containers on either side for a total of 6 (thought I couldn't do math huh). Also if you are like me and have to cheat a little by lightening or darkening a color because you just can't afford them all and because the containers are plastic they make a great pallet. Okay they may not be suitable for you ladies with tons of Copics but for those that are on a budget like me and would rather put their money into the markers they work perfectly fine!!!

Okay that was fun...I needed the break so now I'm off not only to find the surface of my craft table but the table itself I know it is in this room somewhere!!

Big Hugs to you all hope I didn't scare you away with my antics tonight this is me just being tired and silly...!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I just completed my submission for the Squigglefly Animal Kingdom Challenge SFC36. This is one of my all time favorites....we have a cat and two Jack Russells during the day the dogs love to chase the cat...and and she them ...sometimes they are playing but sometimes I'm not too sure. But at night they all get in bed with me and snuggle up together all against me!!! Go figure! LOL

Well here is my submission, the cats eyes didn't show up as good as I would have liked because they are blue...but I would have thought the color would have been enough to show up..all papers are from DCWV pet collection and the words I'm not sure. Of course the image is Squigglefly and it is called Snuggle Buddies. Coloring is copic markers and was colored after my son's Basset Hound!
Thanks for stopping by would love to have you leave a quick post to see who is visiting!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi Everyone

Been a little remiss again...but good excuse this time been busy playing with all the new background techniques from the newsletter from Technique Junkies. Pat, her team, and members sure put an exceptional (they're all great) full of tech's and easy to do!!! I'm not going to list what each one is called but if you have any questions please contact me. After viewing the backgrounds if you just have to have the newsletter you can go to this web site (I know I'm still behind the times). You will be pleasantly suprised at how inexpensive one year subscription is!!! You have two options by mail and computer or by computer only (I do computer only, cost less and no extra paper). I can't thank Pat and her team enough for all that I have learned from them and the members are the greatest...if you have a question related to stamping just post it...but be careful your inbox will be full in no time at all!!! Thanks Pat!!!
So here is what I have done from this newsletter. I have a few more but haven't been able to scan them if I have a chance to do them tonight I will post them later!!!
Thanks again for stopping by my blog page and for all your wonderful and supportive comments.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning Stamping Buddies,

Just a quick post because I have been so remiss this past week. I did a lot of techniques from the new Technique Junkies News Letter. Some very old ones and some brand new ones. I'm posting one with the crayon resist. Very simple technique but such dramatic results.
How this is done is to take a white crayon and highlight your stamped image you will be able to see this better in the rose I am about to post. After highlighting simply take your ink pads and sponge on the inks. I did this one in circular need to worry about going out of the lines. Take a soft cotton ball and wipe over the image this will pick up most of the ink from the areas where you used your white crayon. I added gold butterfly stickers by Magenta. Rose is from Firecracker Designs by Pamela.
Now it is time for me to get ready for church hope you all have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Morning

Good morning everyone it is not snowing (for a change) but it is still in the 20's. That means it's a good day to stamp and play!!!

This card I did for the Squigglefly Digital Stamps Mostly White Challenge. It is harder to do than I thought...and of course its using one of my favorite stamps Shy Bear!! This one is new and it is called Bubble Bath (wonder why) LOL Makes me want to jump right in...ah but alas I don't have a tub anymore. Just a stand up (sit down) shower.

Well back to the card I tried very hard to keep it mostly white (of course I had to color the bear and a hint of color in the image...this was don with chalk. There is a lot of stickles for sparkle in the bubbles and flowers!!

Hope you enjoy have a great day!!!

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