Tuesday, August 26, 2008

here is kitchen

Had to stop work on kitchen to do renovations to the bathroom because of the plumbing that has to run down to the basement.

I'm excited though to have a functioning kitchen, this has been a lot of work for DH who is no spring chicken (he doesn't read my blog) LOL. Gives you an idea I love my cabinets!!!! On the right side you can see the back of the floor to ceiling cabinet (called a pantry) it stores all my big appliances!!! I feel just like an HGTV (Design to Sell) kitchen with only my coffee pot on the counter. Those of you who are also HGTV fanatics will know what I'm talking about!!!
Again have a great week!


FireCracker082 said...

oh yeah!! it's lookin SO good Judy!!!

Barb Hardeman said...

Ohhhhh! It's looking so good Judy. I know you're loving every brand new inch of it. Beautiful and worth the hassle...

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