Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi Again

Hi all my blogger buddies. Time flew away again....have been really busy helping with renovations. We now have the shower and toilet all in one no more showering in the bathroom and peeing in the closet. DH put the new toilet in a few weeks ago.

This is a picture of my three fur babies cat and two dogs. Can you find them all? The littlest dog and the cat sleep together almost every night but during the day they fight just like cats and dogs...go figure.
Here's a few pictures.
Okay now I have to go do some work and pretend I didn't play all day....LOL.

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Jovita said...

Wonderful picture of your fur babies taking over your bed. Lovely cards, the lady image is very elegant.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ Jovi

Fur Babies

Fur Babies