Friday, January 9, 2009

Time sure gets away from me

I can't believe that so much time has past since my last post. Life has been hetic but also December was a month of yuck for DH and I!!! We were both sick caught a cold which quickly spread into our lungs. Both had to have chest x rays and several rounds of antibiotics!! DH is doing much on the other hand still have a nasty cough and I may have to go on another round of antibiotics. Don't feel as bad but you can sure here the conjestion in my chest especially when I cough I sound just like a seal. I'm thinking of taking up residency at Sea World!

I put one card in this post one of my most recent ones and this is done with the Faux Designer Paper as seen in the Technique Junkies December issue. This issue sure has some terrific techniques in it! I will send another post later tonight or tomorrow with some more cards I've made since November...not all of them cause I would probably put my blog on overload!! LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you all will be blessed abundantly this coming year!



Lyn S said...

Hope you both feel better soon Judy!
Love your designer paper card!

Louisette said...

lovely card scrap.
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