Friday, March 13, 2009

more flowers

Good morning. I made some more flowers only this time I did them in two tone like colors. Instead of my punch I used the Lil Sizzix flower template (went much faster). Actually it was another Technique Junkie Judy Cantrell who emailed and said she had made some of these flowers also only she did hers in two tone of like colors. So I had to try some!!

Thanks Judy for sharing this tip with me! I like the way these came out also.
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend and I hope you all stamp, stamp, stamp!!


Judy said...

I like your flowers they came out very nice!! Thanks for using my suggestion!!
Guess what I was did last night... make multi-color flowers and white flowers. None are together yet. I love the white ones too. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your flowers!! Thanks for the tips!! :)

Fur Babies

Fur Babies