Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!!!

Boy twice in the same month...can you believe it!! I've been keeping busy as usual. I've learned about a whole new world out there and I am getting mixed feelings from the stamping world. It's called Digital Stamping. Now before you go Boo Hiss let me explain how all this came about. I've been having problems with my hands for about two years now...and really thought I might have to give up stamping. There have been days when I can't even pick up the acrylic blocks. Then I saw a site called SquiggleFly and I downloaded a few of their digital stamps. I had tried them a long time and wasn't impressed. But now I wondered...so I investigated...I read...I downloaded freebies...I tried all sorts of coloring techniques...and amazingly they all worked...even watercoloring!! The trick I learned is to heat set the ink!! You can even emboss them if you do it as soon as it comes out of the printer with an ink jet printer. Okay so the long and the short of this story is I now have a way to continue stamping...when I have a good day...there are some...I will stamp because I still love it...and tons of money invested in stamps!!! But moving forward I think I will go with Digital Images. There are some sites that now offer both and I was thrilled.

Okay enough about me...how about some I candy... these are all regular stamps I have not done many digitals yet but when I do I will post them.

These are all Victorine Originals

I have so many cards that I haven't posted but these are my favorites right now. The little girl is called Peggy Sue (she is a custom stamp) if you are interested please let me know in your comment and I can give you the particulars. The horse is called Horses of Course...plus Pam has two new designs you need to check out while you are there Theater Lights and Leading Ladies. I have put links under photos to the web sites of these great companies.

Have a great day!!!


Juliet A said...

FCD has digital stamps now?

I'm glad you found a way to deal with your physical ailments, but seriously, this is clip art. Are you really going to pay money for clip art?

Oma said...

You can get all kinds of free images on the web - just look for coloring pages. You can resize them as well to fit your card. Unfortunately I do not have a printer at my disposal, but if I did, I would probably buy very few stamps.

Anonymous said...

Oh now I think that is just awesome!! Welcome back hun!! I love digis!! I've been designing for a company that sells digi and they're having a sale today for 10% off ANY image!!

They do save on space!! I don't have a problem paying for digi images because you're paying the artist for their work. Buying stamps are more expensive...although I still love stamps!! :) It's fun BOTH ways...so right now, I don't have a fav...looking forward to seeing your work!! HUGS

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