Friday, November 6, 2009

Been busy!

Hi All,

Just when I think it is safe to go in the water (LOL)stamp that is, my dh finds other things for me to do.

We are doing a major basement cleanup!! He put up three heavy duty shelving units to store all our stuff on. Now I have to repak all my boxes into the same size boxes...he's a little OCD too!!

So for the last two weeks I've been a dungeon dweller. He doesn't like the fact that people can look in the windows so he put coverings over them. That is why I call it the dungeon.

Let me see what I candy I can round up for you today. First off I want to show off a baby picture of me!! What cha think? Not too many pics of me at this age so this is treasured. My bio dad passed away when I was only 1. Tough time for my mom (she had three kids) but she was strong and a survivor. That's why there aren't too many pics of me until I was around 8 when she met my step-dad, who is really my dad...he raised me with a lot of love and you would never know he wasn't my bio dad. In fact people used to say I looked like him and we would just laugh and say thanks! Get a little sentimental when I have to go thru old pictures!
I think this is all I'll post for today a little insight into my life...tomorrow I will put up some more cards...I really need to see where I left off!!!
Have a great day....and remember stamp, stamp, stamp!!!


Juliet A said...

If you give me a higher res scan, I can clean up the scratches for you. It might be nice as a focal point on a card, too!

FireCracker082 said...

awww, aren't you a cute lil thing! Definetly scan at a higher resolution and Juliet you rock for offering to clean it up! (I was gonna offer...grin)

Beth said...

Heehee Judy you are adorable cutie patootie you are.

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