Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Car's back

Well my car is back and tomorrow I will have to go to work for a while. Then I will have to do some errands.

Okay curious about who won out..stamping or cleaning...both...LOL. My cat decided to get sick on my rug upstairs so out came the rug shampooer. Now you know you can't just clean one spot not on a beige rug that has two dogs and one cat all over it. After a 4 hour project I was finally done...nap time. That was my first day...today play! Did my usual chores and then did some playing.

The first card was just a simple black, red and white for a challenge. The second card is for another challenge using kraft, baja, and eggplant for colors, these were the closet colors I had.

The image was done with Leplume markers which I am still learning to use. Both were done for Stamp TV..if you have never visited there do. Gina K has some great tutorials and they have some fun challenges.

Well guess that's all for tonight will spend sometime tomorrow wandering around all my blogger friends sites!!!

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