Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Take on the Time Challenge

This is a similar card to the one I posted yesterday. I originally was going to make it this way but chickened out ( my conservative side said no no!!) So now that my alter ego won and some gals over at TJ asked me to make the card so they could see it I finally put it together last night.

Have had several possitive comments on it, so that makes me feel good, guess I'll try to let the alter ego out more!!
Thanks again for stopping by hope all you in the Midwest are keeping warm... I couldn't believe the pictures of the buses covered in ice on the internet today now that is cold. It is supposed to get much colder this weekend here, For now all I can complain about is all the little snow storms we have had. We had two days of sunshine and now today it is snowing on and off again!! Never amounts to too much just a pain driving...I don't have to drive anymore.. so I am thankful for that.
Well enough jibber jabber (dating myself) thanks again for stoping by love you all for your support!!


Holly said...

yes, I definitely think you should unleash that alter ego more often! Nice work!

Debby said...

My goodness Judy this is gorgeous! Very artistic and the colors are fantastic. I agree with Holly!

Vickie Kertz said...

Judy this is fantastic vintage look. I like the other one also, but I think this is my favorite. Also wanted to thank you for the kind comment about my card I posted on Technique Junkies

Susan said...

Just stunning! I love the soft colors and the chains are just lovely. Such a great job!

Jeanette said...

I like them both but this one is my favorite. Yes, let that alter ego out more often.


Etha said...

gorgeous!! I am really tickled by the little frog :) fun!

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