Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow where did a month go?

It seems just like yesterday that I posted and yet it is almost a whole month...I know I have done a lot of cards since then (or think I have) I'll have to go see what I can come up with to post.
First I want to wish everyone a Blessed and Prosperous New Year. I pray for all that are out of work or lost income due to the economy plunge this year. Just keep your eyes on Him and He will bring you through...He never leaves us!!! I know this because I retired and am only bringing in a third of my DH lost a good part of his commissions this year and yet our bills are paid every month and we have food on the table. I thank God every day for every blessing we have.

Now lets see what artwork I have. I just remembered I had to move all my files around because of issues with my computer and I will have to hunt out my pictures...I did make a few Valentines Cards with some cute stamps from Victorine Originals she has some new ones that came out. The last one is using three of these stamps. I just got them so I haven't had time to get them all ready yet. Check them out I love the two Penguins she has.
Have a great Sunday and hopefully with the Holidays behind me I will have more time to keep up with my blog again.
Hugs to you all


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy!! seems like a month got in there without us knowing it! LOL!! Love your sweet Valentine creations!! Hope you had a great Holiday and ready to start a New year!! HUGS

Juliet A said...

Wow - is it time to make Valentines already? Yours are awesome!

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