Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little tip

Hi again, Guess what no pictures tonight!! I was just sitting here cleaning up my stamping LOL which is a least a two day project...I'm trying so hard to put things away as I use them like Gina K does on Stamp TV...She's a fantastic lady who really cracks me up. How many of your craft tables look like hers? How many of you actually use a tool and neatly put it up out of the way? Or do you do like me and just drop it and let it fall on the table where it may and how many of you look like her when you are stamping..nair a hair out of place...not a spot of ink on her hands. I just had to go to a Church breakfast with green alcohol ink on my last three digits...look like gangrene...I thought the poor lady across from was going to loose her breakfast until I quickly told her it was just ink!! I would not know how to stamp if I did not at least have a dozen pieces of hair hanging into my right strenghtens my vision!! My clothes ah ha alas I'm usually still in my pj's even if it is three in the afternoon...that little muse is agoin!!!

Gina hopefully you will never read this because I really do admire you and Stamp TV and if I could clone I could just pick up everything after me and lay it neatly where it should be. I'm trying though..I must have kept my table clean for at least a half hour the other I can't even find the surface. But somehow out of that mess usually arises a pretty decent card, background, little book or whatever I'm working no matter how I got there and the ink smudge on the back I'll just cover that with a made by Judy!!!

That's not even the carried away...for any one who uses Copic Markers and can't afford those expensive containers. They fit neatly into an SU medium sized plastic stamp holder. When I went to all unmounted stamps I ended up with a lot of the plastic containers. They hold about 18 markers and I have them separated by pastels, medium shades, reds and oranges and greens and browns. I have four containers at the moment and I bought one of those cheap totes (you know the ones with two sides and a handle in the middle) it can hold 3 containers on either side for a total of 6 (thought I couldn't do math huh). Also if you are like me and have to cheat a little by lightening or darkening a color because you just can't afford them all and because the containers are plastic they make a great pallet. Okay they may not be suitable for you ladies with tons of Copics but for those that are on a budget like me and would rather put their money into the markers they work perfectly fine!!!

Okay that was fun...I needed the break so now I'm off not only to find the surface of my craft table but the table itself I know it is in this room somewhere!!

Big Hugs to you all hope I didn't scare you away with my antics tonight this is me just being tired and silly...!!


Holly said...

My desk is always a mess and people tell me everyday "you have glitter on your face". I try to at least do a quick weekly desk clean up!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Tired and silly, take more drugs! It helps with stamping too! lol, I feel for you GF, I'm in the same place, don't know if I'll ever get on fingers is just the latest in fashion statements! didn't you know that!! you wear jammies, I wear stampin' clothes (really rags, heaven forbid anyone should come to the door!)..happy to see I'm not alone, but the best part is that you can joke about it! hugz....

StampnInkLady said...

Teehee! Funny you should post this now! I have just recently made it my absolute goal to keep my stamp area clean and it has made all the difference in me getting things accomplished. You have seen me posting more creations lately, so you know thats true. No jammies for me...I wear sweats (tooooo cold), even to bed..LOL! Love this post! Hugs Lori

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