Friday, March 26, 2010

Dedicated to an Old Friend

This is dedicated to some one very very special from days long ago. We reconnected recently and it was both fun and painful. Memories are not always what we want them to be. But they are a part of us they help us grow. So my friend from so long ago
I wrote this from the heart and I know I'm not a poet by any means but this what I hope our future holds.

You were once more than just a friend we had special
feelings we thought would never end.
But somehow we grew apart and the years just flew.
We discovered each other for a while we laughed
we cried and we smiled.
We knew things old would never be for the special friends
we were you and me.
But out of this discovery I hope you can see
the new friends that we can be
out of the old and into the new and all those years
that just flew
we'll bond a new friendship
you and me.
Thanks for everything my special friend.
Thanks to my stamping friends for bearing with me through this post sometimes special things happen to all of us and they make us grow this was a week of healing and growth for me and maybe this silly attempt at a poem will touch some of you out there as well.


Anonymous said...

I adore this image Judy! Your coloring is stunning hun!! TFS! HUGS

Holly said...

Judy, what a really sweet poem. I think we all have friends who were once a big part of our lives and have grown apart from - so it's so easy to relate to it.
I love your card! Your coloring is just spectacular.

StampnInkLady said...

Really a beautiful poem Judy. It says it from the heart and you are so right about friends long grown apart. Your card is so precious too! TFS! Hugs Lori

christina d said...

Your card is beautiful. I love the way you colored it. That poem is so neat, right from the heart!

msfreida said...

Hugs sweet friend! I can definitely relate...thank you for bringing those sweet memories to mind! I know your friend will treasure these heart-felt words, as she does your friendship. I have found thru the years that even though life "happens" and takes us in separate directions, those special friends will always have their special corner in our hearts.

Your card is adorable! The coloring is so awesome and the sentiment is perfect! How lucky she is!


Sue from Oregon said...

such a cute image and a wonderful tribute to your friend!

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