Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Spot Awards

I recieved these two awards from my former boss (Design Team) and friend Pam of Firecracker Designs by Pamela! Thanks Pam this is quite an honor. I'm so glad that your new DT's nominated you but I'm still a little jealous of them taking my spot. Just Kidding can't wait to see their work.

Also received the top one from my special friend Lori who is the moderator of The Best House Mouse Group. She and I have bonded even though we have never met. She sent me this a while ago but being as dense as I am I just know figured out how to add them to my blog!!! LOL. Now does that mean I have to do 14 or 21 new awards? This could pose a problem cause I don't have that many blog friends. NO I don't mean I don't have friends just not that many that have blogs!!!

I will post all the blog friends I pick in a little while...right now I have a hungry man home from the work force and grumbling for dinner!!!



fishlips said...

Congrads... I really have enjoyded myself looking at your talent on your blog it's wonderful... so don't hate me for this but...Tag your it, check out my blog for all the details

JP Card Crazy said...

Thanks I don't know how to handle all these tags!! I still haven't completed my first 7 but if I wait long enough I will be tagging all of you back!!!

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