Saturday, September 20, 2008


As you will remember I wrote in a previous post that I finally found a stamping buddy. Well during our get together I also learned she makes her owns stamps, how cool is that. She also can make logos and personal stamps (I think that is right) well better than me trying to explain go take a look at her web site . She has one stamp a Cristmas tree shown above that I just had to have. She is also making a personal stamp to use on the back of my cards!!!

Also in this post are cards we made with the Technique Junkies Tech Aged Tiles that we did at our first stamping get together. She was also nice enough to send me a picture of herself that I am may not know what I look like...I can't take pics I keep breaking the camera LOL...!
That's it for now!!!


FireCracker082 said...

Hey Judy!! You've been tagged! for details read my blog!!

Beth said...

Love your blog and guess what Judy I am gone to tag you again please stop by my blog and pick up your reward

Heather's Hen House said...

What does "tag you" mean? I am brand new to blogging.

Sue said...

Hey Judy...its me Sue K from the House Mouse group...enjoyed browsing your blog this morning!

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