Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hi All, I lieu of what happened yesterday I urgently ask for prayers to go out for our country. I want to believe that congress had a good reason for doing what it did.....not being politically savvy I just pray it was the right decision and that they can come up with a package that will save this country from a certain recession. Please pray!!!

That being said and on a lighter note here is a Christmas card I made using a Technique Junkie which one I'm not sure for it was a while ago. I like to use non-traditional colors this time of the year so I used greens in different shades.

The card is by my stamping buddy Heather who owns her own business. She does a lot of special order stamps such as personal, sayings and logos. But she does have a few artistic stamps.

I have added it as an enclosure link.


Also in this post is a card I made for a very special lady named Brenda. She is the super Mom of all times. Not only does she have children of her own she also fosters children. She manages to do all this and still find time to stamp!!! So I made this stamp for her and I was sure happy when she said it arrived at a time when she really needed it.
Okay so they are backwards...but I'm sure you can tell which is which LOL
Have a great day!
Hugs and Blessings

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Another Loock Creations said...

Judy you are TOOOOO KIND!!!! You and Lorraine are really going to give me a big head. Lyle might shove me out the door on a windy day and I will float away! LOL!
I DO love the card, and it is prominantly placed on top of the Armour in my living room for all to see.
Love all your new cards, and I am SO GLAD you FINALLY found a stamping buddy!!!

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