Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hi All, I lieu of what happened yesterday I urgently ask for prayers to go out for our country. I want to believe that congress had a good reason for doing what it did.....not being politically savvy I just pray it was the right decision and that they can come up with a package that will save this country from a certain recession. Please pray!!!

That being said and on a lighter note here is a Christmas card I made using a Technique Junkie which one I'm not sure for it was a while ago. I like to use non-traditional colors this time of the year so I used greens in different shades.

The card is by my stamping buddy Heather who owns her own business. She does a lot of special order stamps such as personal, sayings and logos. But she does have a few artistic stamps.

I have added it as an enclosure link.


Also in this post is a card I made for a very special lady named Brenda. She is the super Mom of all times. Not only does she have children of her own she also fosters children. She manages to do all this and still find time to stamp!!! So I made this stamp for her and I was sure happy when she said it arrived at a time when she really needed it.
Okay so they are backwards...but I'm sure you can tell which is which LOL
Have a great day!
Hugs and Blessings

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Awards

HI again well I have been tagged two more times so I am up to 35 that I have to tag. Now unless I go and randomly pick a blog spot I can't even come up with my first seven.

So I am requesting no more tags!!! Please! As much as I love receiving them I must inform you they will stop here. Not because I want them too but because I won't just go and tag someone randomly, it goes against my nature. So please all of you who have sent me an award I just want to say thank you I appreciate your liking my blog so much. But for those who may be thinking of sending me an award I would appreciate a comment about my spot in my comment section. Please do not be offended this is not meant for any specific but I don't want to be the one who breaks up the fun!

That being said I want to post some more cards I hope you will enjoy.
There are three using Firecracker Designs and one is Eureka Stamps. The first one is FCD(Fall Harvest) and is a M.Zindorff technique, off hand I can't remember what it is called but she does great things with a brayer. The second one is Also FCD ,the word Fall, from the same set (Fall Harvest) it is actually an ATC this is done with TJ technique Designer tile, with a slight twist. Third one is Eureka don't know name off hand. Last but not least another FCD (Little Things) and the only tech here (the moon) is another TJ tech called Alcohol Splash.
Well hope you all enjoyed these cards. I have been very busy making Christmas themed cards for a swap on The Stampers United group but I can't post them until they are swapped out sometime in October-November...can you believe it?
One more thing and on a little sadder note I am asking everyone to pray for this country, for the tough decision that has to be made on the bail out. I'm praying that the right decision be made by lawmakers.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and a better weekend!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


As you will remember I wrote in a previous post that I finally found a stamping buddy. Well during our get together I also learned she makes her owns stamps, how cool is that. She also can make logos and personal stamps (I think that is right) well better than me trying to explain go take a look at her web site www.customstampsusa.com . She has one stamp a Cristmas tree shown above that I just had to have. She is also making a personal stamp to use on the back of my cards!!!

Also in this post are cards we made with the Technique Junkies Tech Aged Tiles that we did at our first stamping get together. She was also nice enough to send me a picture of herself that I am posting...you may not know what I look like...I can't take pics I keep breaking the camera LOL...!
That's it for now!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Spot Awards

I recieved these two awards from my former boss (Design Team) and friend Pam of Firecracker Designs by Pamela! Thanks Pam this is quite an honor. I'm so glad that your new DT's nominated you but I'm still a little jealous of them taking my spot. Just Kidding can't wait to see their work.

Also received the top one from my special friend Lori who is the moderator of The Best House Mouse Group. She and I have bonded even though we have never met. She sent me this a while ago but being as dense as I am I just know figured out how to add them to my blog!!! LOL. Now does that mean I have to do 14 or 21 new awards? This could pose a problem cause I don't have that many blog friends. NO I don't mean I don't have friends just not that many that have blogs!!!

I will post all the blog friends I pick in a little while...right now I have a hungry man home from the work force and grumbling for dinner!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dogwood Card

Just a quick note on the Dogwood Card I posted last. After putting it on Technique Junkies the other day I got an e-mail from Della of I Brake For Stamp. She asked if she could post the card on her web page. I said no NOT I was thrilled and honored so of course I said yes. She has some really great unmounted stamps...so if you would like to see them please go to
www.ibrakeforstamps.com . You will not be disappointed!!!

Have great and blessed day!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Card share

Here is a card I made yesterday. It used two backgounds. One is the oldie but goodie Shaving Cream, this is an all time favorite. The second is a technique called Starburst, it is actually a scrap from the original. I liked the effect that was left when I used the original. Stamp is by I Brake for Stamps. TFL
Got a lot to do today LOL at least I will try....sitting at my computer puts me right next to my craft table and I really think I hear it calling me.................

Friday, September 5, 2008

here are a few more cards. Heather and I discussed cards tonight and these are two of my favorites that I told her about. The first one uses Alcohol Float Technique and the second one is Penciled Twinks. Hope you enjoy.

First Stamping Night

I've been stamping since 2003 and I just went to my first stamping get together tonight. You may remember I said I felt like I was the lone stamper well a few weeks ago an ad appeared in Craig's list looking for stampers in the RI area. Well of course I jumped at the chance. Tonight Heather and I got together for a stamping night and it was so much fun. She is so much fun and we have a lot in common. Although I am older than she is I felt very comfortable and right at home with her. I guess it is true that stamping has no age barrier. She also has had more response to her ad and we may actually become a group this is so exciting. I have listened about how much fun you stampers have on your stamping nights now maybe I'll be the one sharing all my stamping nights with you all. Thanks Heather for placing your ad and I look forward to sharing and learning from you. It was a terrific night!!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hope all had a wonderful holiday weekend. For me it was a mixed blessing...working and stamping. Help DH with renovations, now I'm a smutsing laborer!!! It actually is fun like frosting a cake. I found it to be more relaxing than work.

Then today I got the day off and got to stamp. I made two new cards which I enjoyed making. I made the backgrounds a while ago so it was a matter of finding the right stamps. I used two companies Firecracker Designs by Pamela and I Brake for Stamps.

Hope you enjoy them will. I also still have some cards that I have never gotten to the blog so I will be here this week loading and chatting. So come and join me this week!!!

Fur Babies

Fur Babies